Don't Tell Them What You Do;

Tell Them What They Get


I've been saying it for 14 years, and I still believe it more strongly than ever: the opening statement is the most pivotal part of your call. Without an opening that piques curiosity, and puts the listener in a positive frame of mind to participate, forget it! Nothing else matters.You can't fly the plane unless it gets off the ground.

Prospecting Calls

The point you must communicate in the first few seconds is, "We have a something that might be able to help you, and I simply need to learn more about you to find out."

The key is using the right words. Before the call, answer these questions:

What do prospects want most as it relates to my type of product/service

What do they want to avoid?

How can I help them do their job more effectively?

Answer these and you'll likely have a benefit you can plug word-for-word into your opener.

Something that'll cause them to break from their preoccupation with the task at hand, become curious, and want to speak with you


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