Tell Them What They Get;

Not What You Do

- Mike Connelly


I've been saying it for 14 years, and I still believe it more strongly than ever: the opening statement is the most pivotal part of your call. Without an opening that piques curiosity, and puts the listener in a positive frame of mind to participate, forget it! Nothing else matters.You can't fly the plane unless it gets off the ground.

Prospecting Calls

The point you must communicate in the first few seconds is, "We have something that might be able to help you, and I simply need to learn more about you to find out."

The key is using the right words. Before the call, answer these questions:

What do prospects want most as it relates to my type of product/service?

What do they want to avoid?

How can I help them do their job more effectively?

Answer these and you'll likely have a benefit you can plug word-for-word into your opener.

Something that'll cause them to break from their preoccupation with the task at hand, become curious, and want to speak with you

Some Bullet Points

I am a top Inside/Outside Sales & NewBizDev Professional (MBA) who can Generate, Develop, Prospect, Cold Call and Close new business. I take something extremely difficult that in the eyes of the "average" sales person is totally beyond his or hers grasp of comprehension and I make it look somewhat easy.

I make what look easy?
I make Closing look easy.
And it's not. Is it?

And just as an aside, I can also Train, Practise, Drill, Rehearse, Educate, Motivate and Recruit your inside & outside sales team to produce those same measurable profitable advertising sales & new client acquisition results.

$2.3mm in new sales, year one!
And I always have a plan.

First, Last and Always a CLOSER.



Sales/MarCom Professional, Sales Manager, Hunter, Trainer

Self conceived and developed a Sole Prop. Engaged in new business development, prospecting, cold calling and lead generation, business to business sales CLOSING results for start-ups, small to mid-sized, and fortune 1000 technology based corporations, MarComs, Telecoms, Retail and Manufacturers.

Planned and implemented effective sales solutions strategy that increased business application software for call center, field sales and service, channel sales, VAR and wholesale computer peripherals, ie Laser Jet, Desk Jet and Paint Jet printers and plotters, by 50%.

Triggered new sales of loading and unloading devices, bulk store devices, and modems through effective cold calling, lead generation, direct mail marketing programs. Developed an average customer (management security software, for, Internet Security Systems, Inc., Atlanta GA) into the top account in the client portfolio through service and support contracts, upgrades and maintenance.

Ranked 1, 2 and 3 in every sales program in every area worked. Initiated successful cold call techniques which accomplished 22% interviews (appts.) and 10% closures (for Clients:, Webcraft Technologies, IMPCO Stategic Database Services, Equient, Inc. GlassBottom, Verizon Wireless,,, Psion Teklogix, Inc., Eclipsys Corp, Copper Mountain Networks, Webtank, Inc., KView Technologies, Inc.,, MPower Communications,, San Filipo and Jay, Inc.,, Catalyst Direct, Inc., Xerox Corp, The Iam Group, Inc., McVey Creative, Inc., infoUSA Sales Solutions, Bayshore Solutions E-Mail Systems, 2Logical Solutions, eAutoclaims, Cape Cod Baseball League, Patient Infosystems, Kobie Marketing, TaxAcuity, Capital Marketing Concepts, Data Pro Accounting Software, BumpAds USA, A1 Teletronics, Rearden Killion, Independent Knowledge, Shirley Hutchinson Creative Works, Cold Fire Law Enforcement Florida, Asevotech, IT Solutions Inc, Advanced Cable Connections Inc). Always achieved 100% or more of quota on every major item in the line.

Advertising Account Executive

  • Planned and implemented effective advertising, public relations and dealer incentive programs.

  • Sold and created MarCom campaigns that were directly responsible for qualified leads that produced $620,000.00 in additional sales volume.

    Increased sales 400% in 2.5 years.

    Developed and introduced three unique products representing $1,700,000. annual sales and 5.8% profit before taxes.

    Conducted major $550,000.00 consumer coupon effort: turned sales around from decline to 3% gain.

    Trained and recruited effective new MarCom team -- inside and outside sales professionals and customer service manager -- and rebuilt sagging employee morale.

    Through market analysis and questionnaires, identified prime prospects -- greatly increasing productivity of subsequent ads. Profitably switched ads from marginal result mediums to significantly productive ones.

    Built and maintained a solid producing sales force of dedicated and enthusiastic people.

Sales/MarCom Professional

    • Launched a new product.

    • Orchestrated first year sales of $6,200,000.00 in new markets.

    • Established and implemented a successful overall communications plan based on marketing objectives.

    • In three years built sales in dormant accounts from $0 to $825,000.00 per year.

    • Maintained a level of 100% of quota for 2 years in spite of increased quotas and dealerization of territories.

    • Constructed successful performance appraisal programs, one and three year marketing plans, and field training programs.

    • In first year achieved increases in all of these areas: sales, gross profit, turn over, return on promotion campaign investment.

I Practice, Drill and Rehearse Professional Selling Skills daily.

I go to bed thinking sales. I get up thinking sales. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner thinking sales. I dedicate my life to the art and science of selling.

$6.2mm-$8mm in new revenue stream year one.
I have a plan, and Rolodex.

Awards & Certifications

  • Achievement award for Sales Person of the Year at Gannett Company. Based on leadership in new business and sales with emphasis on professional selling techniques and creativity.

  • Researched, developed and published "Customer Profile Report" to be distributed to all Xerox Corporation sales personnel.

  • Maintained Dean's list average while receiving two assistantship grants at RIT. Involved researching options for Department Heads in Accounting and Marketing at RIT.

  • Graduate and yearly attendee of "Tom Hopkins' International Sales Training." Art Sobczak's, "How To Sell More in Less Time With No Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques." Brian Tracy's, "Professional Selling Techniques." Zig Ziglar's, "Secrets of Closing The Sale." J. Douglas Edwards', "Cashing Objections." Masser and Leeds', "Corporate Teleselling Strategies and Winning Moves." Mike Heiman Sales Processes", Holden International "Sales Effectiveness Solution Selling."


Rochester Institute of Technology

MBA - Marketing

St. Bonaventure University

Bachelor of Science - Economics

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